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Rare earth metals are chemical elements that play an essential role in modern technology, including computers, mobiles, satellites, batteries and wind turbines.

Abundant in nature, rare earth metals get their name from the difficulties and dangers involved in mining them. Rare earth metals are known by a number of names: rare earth elements, strategic metals, critical metals, technology metals and minor metals.


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Important Market Update As of 23rd March 2020

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Unprecedented demand in physical precious metal buying has forced shortages globally.

Premiums have risen due to these supply shortages

Also re-stocking bottle-necks have seriously developed due to airlines globally being grounded.

We do have stock live in Singapore, but depleting very quickly.

Please be assured we will guarantee all trades where possible, delivery times are changing all the time driven by the the sheer level of physical demand.

Lock in your portfolio investment price levels NOW. 

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